Passage making! Why do you make a passage?

I don't know.

It's always exhausting. It always goes to your limit. Sometimes you think "ONLY 2 hours break then I'll keep going". there is none though. You have to take the weather as it comes. Wind, no wind. Too much wind. Wind from the wrong direction. Rain, wave or sun or all together, never is it just sailing always it's sailing like back then when there were only sailing ships. Hot Food, breakfast is often cancelled. Sleep, sleep one night without being woken up because you have to go to the guard or just can't sleep because the wave makes you float in your cabin. Being able to wear you even though it's going to get you around like in a washing machine. Having to hold your food because otherwise it's gone, or you have it on your pants. When you're at the finish line, you're done and sleep for 2 days. 


The impressions you experience, the images you see, the situations you master, all this only has a meaning when you have solid ground under your feet again. Only when it stops swimming, when the shower doesn't move anymore, then you know what you did. You have redefined your personal limit once again. You slowly realize that you have experienced and seen things that others won't see their lives, not experience. The Joy you feel, the euphoria with which you sit on a plane and fly home is incomparable. Then the moment when the others ask you how it was like and you have nothing to say because you don't know how to explain it to someone who didn't experience it. 

Stay tuned ! We will inform you soon the details of departure spot and destination.

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